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"In a loving and caring environment we cultivate strong moral convictions and academic excellence in our young men"
Rector's Welcome Message

The launching of a school website and its continuous up-date is a challenge that demands dedication, insight and innovation.  I believe these values underpin the life within St. Augustine College.  What we, as a school, would like to convey to our visitors is not a showcase of the different activities that take place during the scholastic year, but who we are and what the College is.  The dedication of teachers in carrying out their work, commitment of students in their varied endeavours and the continuous participation of parents in the life

of the College, are signs of a vibrant and lively educational community.  Above all, our School is inspired by the Gospel values and the teaching and philosophy of St. Augustine of Hippo.  These ingredients that have honed the fabric of this educational institution for more than 160 years, make St. Augustine College the place we are so proud to be part of today.  On behalf of the school educational community, I would like to welcome you to our College.

Rev. Dr. Alan Scerri o.s.a.

School Rector

Year 1 to Year 6
Year 7 to Year 11
 Last Update: 27th May 2014